Further Developments

Transcribo has been developed for the project Arthur Schnitzler: The Digital Historical-Critical Edition. Besides the transcription and labelling of manuscripts, a future use for the computer registration of inscriptions and deeds or to accentuate annotations in prints is possible. It could also be considered to use the tool for the semantic annotation and labelling of paintings and photographs – e.g. to mark motives and techniques – or even sheet music. Thus, Transcribo is also attractive for other disciplines such as History, Art History, Archaeology, Musicology, and many more.

An XML export will make it possible to process documents created with Transcribo in XML editors.

Furthermore, it is planned to establish a database of all words of a particular project trabnscribed with Transcribo. The thus enabled comparison of phrases hard to decipher with similar passages in the database shall effectively support the researchers and scientists in their work.

Schnitzlers unterschiedliche Schreibweise des Buchstaben „E“
Schnitzler's different realisations of the capital letter 'E'.