Technical Standards

Transcribo is a RCP application that has been developed with the help of the integrated development environment Eclipse. The usage of Java as programming language enables a platform-independent utilisation of the tool. Transcribo can be used with the operating systems Windows (XP or newer) and Mac OS X (10.5.2 and newer). At the workstation, at least Java 1.6 is required.

Transcribo supports all commonly used image file formats (bmp, gif, jpeg, png, tiff).

The transcribed text and the assigned annotations are saved in a seperate XML file that is connected to the image file. All data are written into the XML file, the image file stays untouched. The encoding is done in proprietary XML, enabling the uncomplicated assigning of metadata which have not yet been standardised according to TEI. A later transfer into TEI standards is ensured.