One Tool – Manifold Possibilities

Transcribo is the right tool for you if you want the transcription of  texts to be uncomplicated and fast. With Transcribo, you can work at your computer just the way you would do transcribing texts manually – with the advantage that your data will simultaneously be available digitally. It is also possible to stipulate metadata parallel to the transcription in order to work efficiently and time-savingly.
Transcribo is suitable for the transcription of both manuscripts and typescripts; marginalia, corrections, handwritten peculiarities, and the use of specific writing tools can be registered and edited in a highly structured way. With all this, the tool offers manifold possibilities for the visualisation of complex geneses of texts which can be applied to the digital facsimile immediately in the course of your work.
You are searching for a way of marking specific parts of texts in order to assign to these a transcription or a particular development phases? You want to establish relations and crosslinks between various transcripts and add comments, annotations, and bookmarks? Transcribo will fulfil these wishes.
You want to bring together the data of your documents? For that, you can use this tool in combination with the virtual research environment FuD (Research Network and Database System), enabling you to comfortably undertake every step from the computer registration and cataloguing of a text document to the analysis and annotation of single stanzas, and to administer the data cooperatively.

The central parts of Transcribo.Open

The central parts of Transcribo.