One Tool – Manifold Possibilities

Transcribo is the right tool for you if you want the transcription of  texts to be uncomplicated and fast. With Transcribo, you can work at your computer just the way you would do transcribing texts manually – with the advantage that your data will simultaneously be available digitally.… Weiterlesen

Further Developments

Transcribo has been developed for the project Arthur Schnitzler: The Digital Historical-Critical Edition. Besides the transcription and labelling of manuscripts, a future use for the computer registration of inscriptions and deeds or to accentuate annotations in prints is possible. It could also… Weiterlesen

Technical Standards

Transcribo is a RCP application that has been developed with the help of the integrated development environment Eclipse. The usage of Java as programming language enables a platform-independent utilisation of the tool. Transcribo can be used with the operating systems Windows (XP or newer) and Mac… Weiterlesen