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Privacy Details on Usage of Face­book / Goog­le+ / Twit­ter-So­ci­al Plug­ins

This website uses plug-ins of („Face­book“), („Goog­le+“), and („Twit­ter“).

The plug-ins are marked by the respective logo.


If you use visit a website using such a plug-in, the browser directly connects to the servers of Facebook. The content of this plug-in is directly sent to your browser via the Facebook server and is embedded in the website. Via this plug-in, Facebook receives the infromation that you have visited the website. If you are logged in to Facebook whilst visiting this website, the visit can be connected to your Facebook account.

If you do not want Facebook to collect these data, please log out of your account before visiting this website.

Face­book / Goog­le+ / Twit­ter

If you actively interact with one of the plug-ins (e.g. click the 'Like'-button or leave a comment), the respective information is sent to Face­book / Goog­le+ / Twit­ter via your browser and saved at their server.

For further information on the usage of your data on Face­book / Goog­le+ / Twit­teras well as your particular rights in this regard, please note the privacy notice of Face­book / Goog­le+ / Twit­ter.